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Remember your new Password for future use and don't forget to change the password in your dial-in software. If you forget your password you will have to call NetCarrier at 215-257-4917 and prove account ownership. This utility will not change your Email or your Shell account password. The Email Password may be changed from the Email utility and the Shell account password may be changed by referencing the Shell Web Page (Soon to be completed). Because of security reasons you will not be notified if your account was successfully changed. If you enter your information correctly it will be changed immediately. This prevents the public from breaking our customers' passwords.

Enter your Account Name, Password, and the new Password. Case is important IE: "a" and "A". The new Password may not exceed 12 characters. You may mix letters and numbers and upper and lower case. Punctuation is not permitted. For Example "a123BGh" is valid but "a123+BGH" is not. It is recommended that you pick a password of at least 8 characters with mixed case and alpha/numeric characters (previous example). It is your responsibility to choose a proper password. Please do not use phone numbers, street addresses, birthdates, etc... that are easily guessed.

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